About Us

Hi! If you made it to this page you’re probably wondering who is behind the screen. I love reading these myself so I get it! My name is Karley and I am the owner of Metallic Market Boutique. I’m a first grade teacher and a mom of two! I have always loved fashion and shopping and the year I turned 30 I knew I wanted to do something more! My husband, also known as #boutiquehusband on IG, has an entrepreneurial mind and love for small businesses so he dove head first in with me! He has supported me since day one. My vision for Metallic Market is that you find something here that makes you happy, whether that just be outfit inspiration or a fun new dress. I hope my clothes make you feel comfortable while also getting you out of your normal comfort zone and trying something new! We provide curated collections every Monday to keep your closet fresh and exciting. Thank you for shopping with me and don’t ever hesitate to email me at karley@metallicmarket.com with questions! If you shop and find something you love, please tag me at @shopmetallicmarket for a chance to be featured!

XOXO, Karley